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What is a Kindle email address?

Your Kindle email address is an email address assigned to your Kindle device or mobile app. This email address ends with "". (more informations).

Where can I find my Kindle email address?

You can find your Kindle email address on the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon. First, navigate to the "Devices" tab using the navigation bar at the top. Then find your Kindle in the list of devices and click on your device name. Your Kindle email address will then be visible.

Why change the name of the file?

Simply because Amazon refuses certain files because of their name ... for example, if epub or z-lib are present. By anonymizing your files, it has no impact on the upload, but it guarantees that it will work.

Why do you need my email address used on Amazon?

Only email addresses in your approved email list can send documents to your Kindle. Your Amazon email address appears on this list by default, making it simpler for most people.

If you want to stay completely anonymous, you can simply add "" to your approved email list and then type that email in place of your personal email address.

Why can't I send an EPUB file directly to my Kindle?

EPUB is a free and open e-book format used by readers such as Nook or the Apple Books app. Kindle devices unfortunately do not support this format, so EPUB files must be converted to Amazon's own format before they can be read on your Kindle. We convert your EPUB ebooks to KINDLE format and send them to your Kindle device, all in one step.

Do you also support other formats?

Yes, of course, we also support converting various file formats including PDF, DOCX and HTML and various image formats. However, due to the limitations of PDF files, please note that the conversion quality will be less reliable for PDF ebooks than for ebooks from other formats.